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Chartreuse is commited

A stabilized production

Currently, the annual production of Chartreuse can no longer meet all of the demand. Faced with this situation, the Chartreuse® companies made the deliberate choice in 2019 not to produce more. This decision was taken jointly with the Chartreuse monks in order to allow them to remain faithful to their life of prayer and solitude. within their community and thus preserve the balance at the monastery of the Grande Chartreuse.
Maintaining production at its current level also means refusing the race for growth and preserving the future as much as possible, it means keeping a business activity on a human scale, it means helping to preserve the biodiversity by limiting the collection of plants essential to the recipe of liqueurs, some of which are rare, it is finally committing to limit or even reduce our needs in energy and raw materials, in a context of climate emergency. These decisions seem to us to be essential to the sustainability of our mission in the service of the Chartreuse Order.

Horizon 2050

To serve the future, we are committed to getting more involved in the defense of living things through the “Horizon 2050” project and its three pillars: nature, people and energy, placed at the center of our concerns.
In 2030, Chartreuse is already recognized for its commitment to living things:
It is a reference, it inspires and it communicates it to develop business models in the territory;
She acts, she does, she engages her teams, she carries out concrete actions in the service of the “Living”:
Nature (The forest, the plant);
The Human (inclusion, better living together…) ;
Energies with the aim of becoming autonomous (Carbon footprint, mobility, etc.);
Chartreuse has become a company that regenerates its ecosystem (economic, social and ecological triple dimension.

Images / Diaporama : © Stéphane Couchet / Logo 1605 : © Atelier Juliette Villard / Logo Horizon 2050 : © Chartreuse Diffusion